Resort tops list of tangy treat fans

Blackpool has been named the UK's marmalade capital.
Blackpool has been named the UK's marmalade capital.
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SUPPORT for anything tangerine in Blackpool is perfectly understandable, but according to new research it’s another orange product we’re going crazy for here.

The resort has been named as the UK’s marmalade capital by preserves company Robertson’s, after it surveyed people across the nation to find out their breakfast habits.

According to the results, more than half of Blackpool residents surveyed named marmalade as their preferred spread for toast.

And according to one Over Wyre marmalade producer, who get the majority of her trade from Blackpool, it’s no surprise the tangy treat is the resort’s breakfast spread of choice.

Shelley Watson has been running Preesall Preserves for the last six months, and believes the town’s tourism heritage explains its love of the snack.

She said: “I think it started off because it’s a holiday resort so people have always eaten it in the B&Bs, and that’s transferred to the local population.

“If you’ve not got a sweet tooth you don’t want jam and it’s mostly men who buy it.

“They tend to gravitate towards it because it’s still quite sweet but it’s got a bit of bite to it too.”

The research also revealed 85 per cent of the resort’s population now make time for breakfast in their morning routine, 20 per cent more than in 2011.

Cereal is the preferred choice of 49 per cent of adults in Blackpool for their morning meal, while 42 per cent opted for toast with spread.

Nick Munby, Robertson’s marketing manager, said: “I think it’s really encouraging to see that the majority of the people in Blackpool are finally making time for breakfast.

“It’s so important to start the day with a nutritious meal and the fact that more and more people are using breakfast as an opportunity to sit down with their family is brilliant.

“Blackpool’s favourite breakfast choices prove that although breakfast is well and truly back on the map, something quick and easy is the best option and toast with spread is definitely better than grabbing a sugary cereal bar.”

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