Residents victims of dirty road protest

Manure which has been dumped on Bambers Lane North, blocking access
Manure which has been dumped on Bambers Lane North, blocking access
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RESIDENTS of a quiet country lane have been left baffled after a stinking pile of cow muck made them prisoners in their homes.

The mystery 11-tonne pile of manure blocked all access to the quiet cul-de-sac of Bambers Lane North, in Westby, leaving Brenda Jackson unable to run her business.

And – despite desperate phone calls to Fylde Council and the police – residents were left trapped by the stinking pile of muck for more than 24 hours.

Mrs Jackson said: “We don’t know who put it there, as far as we’re aware it was put there before 8am on Friday morning.

“Twenty-four hours it was there, we couldn’t get out to do any shopping because it’s the only access to the lane. It’s a cul-de-sac and if there had been an emergency, emergency vehicles wouldn’t have been able to get down. You couldn’t even walk past it. It stank and there were thousands of flies.

“It’s not something that’s fallen off a tractor, we’ve no idea at all where it came from. There aren’t many places in Blackpool that have cows, it’s not a big farming area. There’s no reason whatsoever – it’s been deliberately placed there.”

Mrs Jackson runs a small camping and caravan site from her home on Bambers Lane North and was forced to turn customers away because all access to the site was blocked.

She said: “It’s only a small, quiet site and we’re not that busy at the minute but in the morning we managed to phone one couple who were coming in a caravan and told them not to come because they couldn’t get in.

“So I’ve lost business.”

A driver from Fylde Council was sent to assess the situation after Mrs Jackson reported the muck on Friday morning, but confusion over the address meant the problem wasn’t found.

The council eventually sent a JCB and tractor and trailer to clear the road on Saturday morning – a delay in responding which Mrs Jackson has branded “diabolical”.

But a spokesman for the council said: “When we got the right address we didn’t have drivers. We did have drivers Saturday morning and we moved as fast as possible. She should really have contacted the Highways Authority, we were just trying to be helpful.

“But this manure is very useful stuff and we didn’t want to just take it to landfill so we’ve spread it in our parks and gardens.”