Residents return to ‘worst ever’ floods

Gordon Gaulter and Alice Gaulter with sandbags outside their home and (below) Catherine Breakwell at her home in Preesall.
Gordon Gaulter and Alice Gaulter with sandbags outside their home and (below) Catherine Breakwell at her home in Preesall.
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NEIGHBOURS have been left devastated after flood water swamped their street and submerged their homes.

Residents on Preesall’s Sunnyside Terrace have been forced to rip up their carpets, place furniture on bricks and bail water out of their living rooms.

Catherine Breakwell at her home in Preesall.

Catherine Breakwell at her home in Preesall.

Gordon and Alice Gaulter were away when the flood waters arrived on Monday night, and returned home to find all of their downstairs carpets sodden.

The couple have lived on the street for 50 years and have been flooded before. Mr Gaulter, 78, said: “The house has flooded four times but this is the worst it’s ever been.

“The carpet is sodden and we were very upset when we saw it.

“We only had a new carpet last week but we will need to get new ones. It’s really upsetting.”

Flooding in Preesall.

Flooding in Preesall.

And 80-year-old Mrs Gaulter added: “It’s like banging your head against a brick wall, no-one knows why it’s happening.

“It will take weeks to get our house back to normal.”

Down the street, Catherine Brakewell’s house is also flooded, and she’s been left angry at the help residents on Sunnyside Terrace have received from the authorities.

Wyre Council – which said it had made repeated checks on residents over the last three days –dropped sandbags off on Monday.

Flooding in Pilling.

Flooding in Pilling.

But Mrs Brakewell said residents had not been given enough support to stop cars driving down the flooded road.

She said: “Before the water came in we managed to pull the carpet up but it’s been terrible on the road, we’ve almost had to police it ourselves.

“People drive past too fast and it creates a wave, which sends the water over the top of the (temporary) board and into the house. I just can’t believe how selfish people can be.

“The council were here yesterday but we’ve really had to shout.”

A nearby dairy has now offered its field to be flooded to help clear the water and Wyre Council has offered help with the clean-up.

A council spokesman said: “Far from doing nothing, council officers have gone out of their way to help the residents of Sunnyside Terrace.

“Sandbags were delivered to them in advance of the flooding because we anticipated problems, teams of officers have been up there several times a day to provide assistance.

“We requested the road to be closed when it became apparent traffic was causing bow waves and making things worse.

“Officers even parked their vehicles across the road when cars ignored the road closure.

“Offers of the loan of a small pump to get rid of some of the water from inside properties was also made.

“We have now offered to assist with the clean-up and a number of residents have taken this up.”

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