Residents’ plea for car park plan refusal

Coun Peter Callow and Joan Morrison with other residents.
Coun Peter Callow and Joan Morrison with other residents.
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Residents in Norbreck and Anchorsholme have clashed over possible new land renovation plans.

Blackpool Council has revealed proposals to transform a grassy patch of land in Little Bispham, on the outskirts of Anchorsholme ward, into a car park or motorhome and caravan site in a construction project.

Now residents in Norbreck ward have spoken out in anger against the planning ideas, which they insist will cause problems in the area.

Bill Barcroft, chairman of the Residents of Wilvere Court group in Norbreck, said: “The land is actually in Anchorsholme ward but it’s right on the very edge overlooking Norbreck.

“The people of Anchorsholme seem to be OK with the plans but they’re not the ones who are overlooking it.

“The land used to be a car park going back several years and it was used for all sorts of unsavoury behaviour from both males and females.

“A caravan park would cause noise and traffic and it’s just not wanted in a residential area.”

Around 50 residents attended a meeting with a Blackpool Council worker, but concerns were raised no minutes were taken, and Mr Barcroft said the residents wanted a return of a landscaped area.

Couns Peter and Maxine Callow slammed the ideas as ‘scandalous’ and vowed to support their residents in their bid to have the development scrapped.

Mr Callow said: “When I came to the council around 16 years ago I was inundated with complaints from residents because of the unsavoury goings-on in the car park.

“People were seen taking drugs and taking part in sexual activity there.

“I managed to get it closed down by taking it up with the council officers with the support of local residents.

“Now there are ideas to turn the land back into a car park and there’s no guarantee that it won’t go back to how it was.

“The local residents don’t want the land to become anything. They want it to go back to nature.

“I think the plans are absolutely scandalous. Anchorsholme will get the cash from whatever it is, but they aren’t the ones who will have to look at it.

“We have campaigned against the changes with the local residents. We support our residents 100 per cent.”

But Anchorsholme councillor Paul Galley said that the renovation plans would benefit not only Anchorsholme, but the whole of Blackpool.

He said: “Any money taken from the car park or motorhome park will go into looking after Anchorsholme Park.

“The park’s budget has been decimated by the government funding cuts and by 2019 we don’t know whether we will be able to look after the park to the best it can be.

“Because of new enforcement plans we feel confident that we can prevent any previous problems from happening again. The response from residents has been very positive.

“It’s not just about Anchorsholme, it’s about doing what is right for the entire area.”

Coun Galley said that if the plans were passed, they could go ahead in March .