Residents have the final say on towers

Queenstown flats consultation at Blackpool Boys and Girls club
Queenstown flats consultation at Blackpool Boys and Girls club
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RESIDENTS got the chance to have their say on far-reaching proposals which could see Blackpool’s high rise estate bulldozed.

A consultation day set out a number of options for the future of the Queens Park estate, from no change to partial or total demolition.

Redevelopment would see new homes built in place of the existing maisonettes and tower blocks.

Brian Clough, 49, of Walter Robinson Court, said he would like to see full demolition.

He added: “I think they should knock it all down and build a new estate.

“I would come back because Queens Park is OK, it’s just the buildings in a bad way.”

Wendy Bonnell, 45, who lives in a maisonette in Healey Street, said: “Just putting new bathrooms and kitchens in seems pointless to me.

“It needs something more transformational, but I don’t know how they can keep everyone housed when they move people out.”

The council is considering the future of the estate which will make a loss of £11m over 30 years in maintenance costs.

Leanne Hargreaves, 22, who lives in one of the maisonettes with her partner Wayne Taylor, 21, and their three children, added: “The maisonettes aren’t suitable for people to live in so they should come down.

“I don’t think doing properties up is going to make it any better. We need a fresh start.”

But Ian and Jacqueline Fowler, who live in Ashworth Court, want the tower blocks to stay.

Mr Fowler said: “We lived on Grange Park before and chose to move to Queens Park.

“We’ve got a two-bedroomed flat and we’re quite happy.

“I say, leave them alone, that would be great.”

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn, who is also ward councillor for the estate, said the council would listen to the views of residents.

He added: “I’ll ensure the council listens to what residents have to say, and that if residents want the estate to remain as it is, subject to the council spending a long overdue £11m on getting properties up to a decent standard, that is what will happen.

“There is no hidden agenda. Once the results of the consultation are in, they will be published in full, and the council will abide by the views of the residents.

“We want what you want.

“These are your homes, and it is your views which will count.”