Residents fight back in ‘rat-run’ lane furore

Crumbling road: Division Lane and (below) Coun John Fillis
Crumbling road: Division Lane and (below) Coun John Fillis
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Residents have launched a fightback in a bid to stop their road being used as a rat-run by petitioning local government.

Homeowners in Division Lane, Marton, want to start a petition to Lancashire County Council (LCC) to repair nearby Wild Lane or build a new moss link road from St Annes to Blackpool to lower the number of speeding drivers near their properties.

County Coun John Fillis

County Coun John Fillis

Ahead of work which started yesterday to resurface part of Division Lane, residents, led by Linda Riding, want LCC to explore new ways of improving road links to the M55 – and prevent their road being used as a short cut by drivers.

The bid comes after Division Lane, as well as Midgeland Road and Wild Lane, were closed after concerns about the state of the roads and speeding.

Mrs Riding, of Division Lane, said: “We are a small community separated from Lytham and St Annes and need the residents of Fylde to join us in this drive to get improved road links to the M55.

“Opening Division Lane and the southern part of Wild Lane is not going to improve traffic flow. These lanes are residential, have no footpaths and have become dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and horseriders.”

The northernmost section of Wild Lane was closed in August last year due to the state of the road, with a repair bill set at £350,000.

Commuters could drive on Division Lane, on to Midgeland Road, before completing the diversion on School Road.

But Blackpool Council shut off Midgeland Road at its junction with crumbling Division Lane earlier this month after complaints by residents about the volume of traffic.

Work started yesterday to resurface Division Lane, with LCC’s highways chief, County Coun John Fillis, adding it should not lead to an increase in traffic.

Coun Fillis has maintained the link road will be the ultimate answer to problems on the roads but no date has been set for that work to begin, despite £2m being promised by the Government.

The link road could cost around £20m, leaving County Hall with a large pot of cash to find.

The online petition has been submitted to LCC to be reviewed and will appear online at in the next two weeks.