Residents angry at kerb cash bid

Linda Alllred and the low kerb outside her home on Quarrybank, Norcross.
Linda Alllred and the low kerb outside her home on Quarrybank, Norcross.
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RESIDENTS have been invited to pay £350 if they want legal access to their drives and garages.

But people living in Anchorsholme, who have received letters from the council asking for the cash in order to install dropped kerbs, have branded the move as “wrong”.

They say residents have driven over the existing kerbs since the houses were built more than 40 years ago.

Linda Allred, of Quarry Bank, said: “These houses were built 41 years ago and planning permission shows integral garages so when the road was adopted by the council I’m sure the kerbstones had to be suitable for cars to drive over. It’s wrong to come along 41 years later and ask us for money.”

Neighbour Robert Patrick added: “I have lived here 36 years and I have never had any problems with the kerbs as they are as they are only about an inch high.”

Ian Loudon, of Seabrooke Drive, said: “I was told I didn’t have to have it done –but it would mean I wouldn’t be able to use my driveway.”

Anchorsholme ward councillor Tony Williams said: “Cars crossing over normal kerbs can cause damage to the pavement and in a perfect world all accesses should be via a dropped kerb.

“However the argument with some of these residents is they have been accessing their drives for more than 30 years without problems and now the council want them to fork out £350.”

The council is offering a discounted rate of £350 for dropped kerbs, compared to around £850 if the work was carried out independently.

The letter warns crossing a footway not constructed to the council’s approval is illegal.

But Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for streets and transport for the council, said: “This letter was in no way meant to worry any of the residents and I hope it hasn’t been taken that way.

“What we are actually doing is giving residents the option to make the most of a discounted price to have work done to lower their driveway kerbs, due to the fact our technicians will already be carrying road and pavement repair works in the area.

“Having a lowered kerb that leads to the drive is beneficial to everybody as it reduces the damage caused to pavements, which can result in extra repair work being needed, at a cost to all council tax payers. The option of enforcing any legal proceedings would only ever be used as a last resort.”