Relive the nightlife of ‘superstar’ club

George Best with Brian London
George Best with Brian London
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Do you want to relive the bustling Blackpool nightlife of the 1970s and 80s?

The Attic at Blackpool Pleasure Beach will welcome old regulars this weekend as it celebrates 50 years since the opening of one of the resort’s most famous clubs.

The 007 club, which was opened on Topping Street by boxer Brian London in the late 60s, was one of the first nightclubs to open in Blackpool, and was popular among England’s sporting elite.

The club may have played its own part in West Ham’s shameful 4-0 defeat to Blackpool in 1971, as the team’s captain Bobby Moore and star player Jimmy Greaves famously drank the night away at 007 before the fated match.

Simon Fish, who is one of the organisers of the club reunion, said: “It really put clubbing on the map. All the superstars of that period went there. It was really of it’s time.

“In that era Blackpool was a very popular tourist destination because it was before foreign travel was made open to the general population. It kick-started Blackpool as a clubbing destination.”

Former 007 regulars - and Brian London himself - will meet at The Attic on Saturday from 9pm to relive the old classics. Simon said: “We are getting a massive response from all the people who used to go out clubbing. We have got a few surprises planned as for as DJs are concerned, but the general theme of the night is going to be 70s and 80s music.”