Relief as travellers quit private land

Travellers on Bourne Way, Thornton, left the site three days after their unannounced arrival.
Travellers on Bourne Way, Thornton, left the site three days after their unannounced arrival.
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Community leaders have spoken of their relief after travellers were evicted from private land in Thornton.

More than 50 travellers set up camp off Bourne Way on Sunday evening following a brief stay on land next to Chatsworth Avenue, Fleetwood.

Their arrival was the second time in 12 months travellers had arrived unannounced on the Thornton fields.

Coun Don MacNaughton, Wyre councillor for Bourne ward, said the families drove on to the field through a fence to gain access to the land owned by NPL Estates.

He said: “I’m very glad they’ve left and wish they had never arrived in the first place.

“I’ve had complaints about dogs barking all the time and generators going until five in the morning.

“Now they’ve gone it’s a great sense of relief for the residents in the area who want to lead normal lives without this sort of aggravation.”

The travellers were issued with an eviction notice by NPL Estates and left the site on Wednesday afternoon.

A group of travellers had previously set up camp on the same piece of land last July.

The owners have already put top soil in place as a barricade to anyone trying to access the site and councillors hope the travellers won’t return.

Coun Julie Newsham, a Bourne ward councillor, added: “It’s outrageous they’ve gone on to private land where NPL Estates have to pick up the bill every time.

“I’m really pleased they’ve gone, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them because they kept coming back last year.”

Coun Andrea Kay, for Cleveleys Park ward, added: “I’m really pleased they’ve moved on because it puts residents’ minds at rest.

“It’s just a shame they haven’t got the facilities to go somewhere because they really do upset the residents when they arrive.”

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