Rejection for Marton Moss homes scheme

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden
Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden
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Proposals to build seven four-bedroom homes on Marton Moss have been turned down by councillors.

Blackpool Council’s planning committee refused an outline application from Bispham-based Michael Furness for houses on land north of Moss House Road.

The committee was told the principle of building new homes in the area had been established with the approval of 422 properties currently being built by Kensington Developments at Redwood Point.

But the latest scheme was considered over-intensive development, with concerns about the impact on the natural environment and inadequate road access.

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Five objections had been received from residents of Moss House Road, and one from Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden.

He said the application represented the “fitting in of too many out of proportion properties for the size of the site , squeezed in presumably to maximise profits from construction.”

Mr Marsden added residents felt following the approval of Redwood Point “there would be no further nibbling away at the green spaces”.