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The decision by Wyre Council to introduce a charge for the Splash Pad facility in Fleetwood has certainly got tongues wagging.

One of the Five for Fleetwood initiative, residents were delighted to see the town’s paddling pool retained and improved after a campaign to keep the facility open.

However, the mood soured when some of the cash for the Five for Fleetwood schemes was diverted to building beach huts.

And now the decision to charge for the splash pad area has added insult to injury for some.

Coun Lynn Bowen, Wyre’s cabinet member for leisure at Wyre Council, says the charge will restrict numbers to 100 people per time for safety and enjoyment, as well as helping towards running costs.

But the news has been greeted with anger among Fleetwood councillors and residents in the town.

Fleetwood Coun Ruth Duffy, who is also leader of the Wyre Labour group, said: “I am appalled by this and I would ask how long the council has been planning this. It will hit families in the pocket, especially if they have a few children.”

Norah Stuchfield, chairman of Fleetwood Community Trust, said: “We feel that we have been purposely mislead into believing this facility would be free of charge.

“We ask Coun Bowen to think about the needs of our local community and recognise that Fleetwood is a deprived community with
high unemployment and deprivation levels. We feel that by charging for splash pad you will be causing undue hardship and distress to our already-struggling families.”

Here’s the best of your comments:

This is £2 per child for 2 hours. Take 3 kids and it’s £6 OR let them play on the beach and they can have an ice cream each. Good news for the ice cream vendors and lets start a “lottery” on when this facility for “the people” will be closed as “the people” aren’t using it. It will soon be a car park 
following the Blackpool model of “if it isn’t being used, tarmacadam it and use as a car
 park” method of promoting a resort.


l will tell you one thing I won’t be taking my children or grandchildren. The same old story THE HAVES HAVE IT AGAIN. I’m getting sick of Wyre Council’s money-grabbing schemes you should be ashamed of yourselves. There again you make sure those new cabins bring in extra for the owners.


I can’t understand anyone expecting this to be free, facilities such as this require regular maintenance and repair – it has to be paid for.

Elaine Rayworth

£2 is reasonable, I really can’t see why anyone can moan at this and yes I will be taking my children.


Will go the same way as Jubilee Gardens paddling pool went towards the end– as a dog’s toilet.


£2 for two hours sounds reasonable to me, even for low income families! Seems there are always people who need an excuse to moan about something and want something for nothing! Cheer up and get over it!

Eric Wilmore

They should charge £5 if you ask me,and have the ex cons that have been relocated to the town supervising, thus creating employment for those who otherwise may not find suitable work,it’s a win win.


WBC as we all know stands for “ Why Bother Council”

old etonian