Readers have their say as Wetherspoons begins enforcing its strict dog policy

From today Wetherspoons will begin enforcing a strict dog policy preventing dog lovers from bringing their canine friends to the pub chain.

Wetherspoons has had a policy banning dogs since 1979, but it has not been full enforced until today (Monday, September 10, 2018).

Readers have their say as Wetherspoons begins enforcing its strict dog policy

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The ban has received a mixed reaction on social media.

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"To be fair any dog can be unpredictable, even the best trained ones...So can kids though, ban them?
"It's a bit ridiculous really, so long as the owner is responsible I can't see a problem."
Martin Bashforth

"No more Wetherspoons for us."
Rita Whitfield

Fantastic news
Ross McGarry

"The dogs are better behaved than most of the human customers"
Danny Plumb

"I’m fully behind then. Can’t stand eating out where dog are. An we have a dog."
Chris Illingworth

"Takes the Micheal. Dogs are allowed in eating areas just not preparation areas, so now old folk who’s companion is their dog are alienated from their pub, but people can get bladdered with their kids. Not on."
Nicolla Jackson

"Don't recall seeing any dogs in the ones in Preston?"
Suzanne Lowe

"Unbelievable not happy at all"
​Katrina Dodd

"I’m with the pub. They serve food, dogs are not allowed in food establishments. It’s the same way for most places."
Nicola Collison

"So I’m barred? Haha"
Jen Burton

"They will stop serving alcohol and full english breakfasts next and turn it into an alcohol free curry bar."
Dave Bolan

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