Readers call for funding to maintain tram routes

The launch of trams to Fleetwood
The launch of trams to Fleetwood
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Gazette readers have dismissed the prospect of cutting funding for Blackpool’s famous tramway.

Yesterday, The Gazette revealed Lancashire County Council has recommended ceasing its £280,000 per year contribution towards the upkeep of the line in Wyre – raising the prospect of the vital link to Fleetwood being closed if it falls into disrepair, with Blackpool Council unable to cover the shortfall.

This is Westminster policy to squeeze the councils to a point where services and community projects are cut

Si Bramhall

The county authority is looking to find £65m of savings.
Traders and councillors have already called for the funding to be kept.

Now, Gazette readers have given their thoughts on the story – and while there are some dissenting voices, the vast majority want the funding kept:

Si Bramhall: “Love the way some people are blaming the council. This is exactly what the Tory party wants.

“This is Westminster policy to squeeze the councils to a point where services and community projects are cut.

“I half expect some hypocritical Tory MPs lobbying the council just like David Cameron did in his own constituency. Council cutbacks are the symptoms –Tory national policy is the disease driven by an ideological agenda.”

Gillian Hatherley: “Has Lancashire County Council thought about the drop in business tax when all shops etc close? Makes one think it’s the lunatics running the asylum.”

Kay Wild: “Could have saved £200k plus not installing the new tram stop outside the Norbreck.”

Becky Darlington: “Of course they’d stop services to Fleetwood. Stop the buses next because we’d all prefer walking everywhere.”

Barry Edwards: “ Are these idiots trying to kill Fleetwood off altogether – this service is a must for the market, local traders and tourism alike.

“If these people had a brain half as big as their wallets this would not be an issue.”

Denise Green: “What a disgrace.”

Bob Hickinbottom: “What plonkers – they have spent all that money on trams now they are cutting back, it’s sheer lunacy.”

Dave Wilkie Wilkinson: “So after taking so long with getting the tracks sorted in Fleetwood due to copper theft, now there could be a chance of pulling funding. Absolutely crazy.”

Nicky Canning-Battye: “Those trams were a massive waste of money anyway.”

Benn F-s: “And still they want to extend trams from the Prom to the train station at a cost of £18m plus?”

freddypug: “So they took grants to the tune of £100m in order to upgrade the tram network in 2012 and are now squabbling over a mere £280,000 in contributions.”

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