‘Rat run puts lives at risk’

House's garden wall damaged by car accident on Chain Lane, Staining
House's garden wall damaged by car accident on Chain Lane, Staining
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“Road improvements, not road deaths.”

That is the message of Staining councillor John Singleton as he campaigns to put an end to unruly drivers using the village as a rat run.

Eight road accidents on the village’s central Chain Lane have been reported to the police since the start of the year, with the latest crash being just last week.

Police were called at about 1.25am on Sunday after receiving reports a white BMW had crashed into the wall of a house on Jubilee Gardens.

The accident mirrors a similar crash which took place on April 30, when a black Ford Fiesta went through a fence at the house at around 1.30am.

Now Coun Singleton has claimed current measures to control traffic on Chain Lane are not enough – and speed bumps are required to prevent further problems.

He said: “People use Staining as a way of getting to various other locations, like Poulton.

“Last week the metrics from our speed indicators counted 18,900 cars coming through, and that’s quite a considerable amount for a small village.

“They go around the bend too fast, and the faster you go the easier it is to lose control.

“My main concern is thateventually someone is going to get hurt, and I don’t want it to have to get to that stage to force the council to do something. We shouldn’t have to use fatalities as a means to getting some improvements to the road.”

An online petition headed by Coun Singleton urging Lancashire County Council highways department to take action against speeding drivers has been signed more than 500 times by concerned Staining residents.

Louise Noteboom commented: “It’s only a matter of time before there is a fatality. In the past two years I have lived here I have been overtaken countless times when doing 20mph. I have nearly been mown down on the crossing at least four times.”

Donna Zisenis added: “I‘m sick of seeing and hearing traffic travelling way above the recommended speed limit for our village. Staining is used daily as a cut through. Respect our village, use it safely before somebody is seriously hurt.”

Coun Singleton said: “We have done as much as we can. We have got 20mph signs on the verges and speed indicators on the road.

“Speed bumps are the way forward. If you have got any care for your car you won’t go more than 20mph over them. They don’t require any police presence and there’s no manning required. In my opinion, they will solve the problem.”

People can view Staining residents’ petition online at www.change.org/o/staining_village_residents.