Rat-run potholes pose accident risk

Residents of Henson Avenue claim the council is doing nothing about the potholes in the street
Residents of Henson Avenue claim the council is doing nothing about the potholes in the street
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RESIDENTS claim the severity of potholes in their street combined with reckless driving is a recipe for disaster.

A freezing winter, coupled with an increasing number of drivers using Henson Avenue in South Shore to avoid speed bumps and traffic lights, has seen the road left in a bad way.

The residents’ misery may continue until as late as 2014 because Blackpool Council priorities such as Project 30, to repair provincial roads in the resort, have to be completed first.

Heather Gunston, 47, of Henson Avenue, has complained to Blackpool Council for the last 18 months about the potential accidents the state of the street could cause.

She told The Gazette: “This street is between schools and with many speeding cars coming along, it’s a danger to have the potholes.

“There are 15 potholes between four houses and we have been fighting this for a year and a half only to be told there’s no funding”.

Neighbours say the uneven road surface and constant speeding past some homes has caused damage to their interior.

Hairline cracks in walls and ceilings, as well as violently shaking rooms when a car goes over a pothole, are some of the complaints being made to the council.

Resident Mark Studd, 36, says his driveway is starting to sink as a direct result of the damage to the road.

He added: “ If you stand in my front room and someone goes past the house you can feel it shake.”

Residents are now urging the council to repair the road and install speed deterrents to ease their misery.

Peter Bracegirdle, 70, a painter and decorator from Henson Avenue, added: “The potholes are dangerous and we get a lot of motorbikes coming up the street. If one of them hits a pothole it could cause a crash.

“I’m not interested in what is happening elsewhere because I have to drive up and down this street everyday.”

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for Streets and Transport at Blackpool Council, said: “Our operation to repair the roads in Blackpool has already helped to improve the condition of 12 major routes around town.

“While we are working to a schedule in terms of these road repairs, it’s important we are also flexible in dealing with the more urgent street.

“The residents of Henson Avenue have made the council aware their road and we will be going out to assess the safety of it by the end of this week.”