Rare coach poster is sold at USA auction

The 1934 poster which sold at auction in New York
The 1934 poster which sold at auction in New York
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A rare 1930s poster advertising coach holidays to Blackpool has sold for hundreds of pounds at auction in the USA.

The poster, produced in 1934 by coach operators Northern Ribble, went for £865 at the Swann Auction Galleries in New York.

Promoting a luxury coach service from the North East to the seaside resort, the print had only been expected to fetch £500 to £700.

Despite its age, the poster was described by the auctioneers at Swann as being in “A” condition, which means that it is in “much the same state as when it was printed: the colours are fresh, there is no significant paper loss or tears, but there might be some slight blemish,creases or scuffing.”

In 1934, when the print was produced, the average British house cost £515, a pint of bitter cost seven pence and a gallon of petrol cost one shilling and fourpence ha’penny.

In 1934, Blackpool’s mayor was Charles Tatham and Blackpool Town Council’s Aldermen included Tom Bickerstaffe, Eli Hey Howe and George Gath.

Blackpool’s MP was Captain Clifford Charles Erskine-Bolst and Blackpool FC finished 11th in the old Second Division (now known as the Championship), nine places higher than struggling Manchester Unied who finished third from bottom in the second division in 1933-1934.

Pre-war Blackpool posters usually fetch hundreds of pounds when they come up for sale at major auctions.

At Christie’s in South Kensington, London, last year, a poster advertising Blackpool Lido sold for £875.