Rallying cry in homes battle

Blackpool Councillor Coun Gary Coleman
Blackpool Councillor Coun Gary Coleman
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RESIDENTS are being urged to make their voices heard over the future of Marton Moss.

A new planning framework for the area seeks to put the community at the centre of future decisions.

In recent years there have been battles over plans to build houses on the land.

Now Blackpool Council wants to limit residential development from around 5,000 homes to 750.

And Angelia Hinds, of the Save The Moss campaign, told The Gazette: “Unfortunately, recent decisions by planning inspectors to allow further developments of 83 homes at Runnell Farm and 1,150 at the Queensway site mean planning permissions now exist for a total of 1,817 new homes in the Moss area.

“In order that we are able to protect what is left of the Moss for future generations, it is extremely important we attend this exhibition to make our views heard and to be involved in the process.”

Coun Gary Coleman, cabinet member for planning and regeneration, said the council wanted to take a neighbourhood planning approach to future development on the green land.

He said: “In respect of Marton Moss, we feel residents should be heard and not just fall victim to big property developers’ plans.

“We want to safeguard the essentially green open nature of the area.

“We are not saying no development whatsoever can take place on the Moss, but we feel small, limited development using a neighbourhood planning approach which takes into account the community’s views is the best way forward.”

Kensington Developments also has planning permission to build 584 houses on Moss House Road, and 83 houses on land at Runnell Farm, off Chapel Road, both on Marton Moss.

Tomorrow’s exhibition is open from 2pm until 8pm at South Shore Tennis Club, Midgeland Road, when planners will also be on hand to discuss the proposed Core Strategy, which contains plans for the area and is out to consultation until July 20.