Raid victim’s sawn off shotgun terror

Derek Telford, 63, gun raid victim
Derek Telford, 63, gun raid victim
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A MAN today relived the terrifying moment a masked raider pointed a sawn-off shotgun into his face and threatened to pull the trigger.

Haulage contractor Derek Telford, 63, was woken up yesterday morning when he heard noises in his living room.

Leaving his wife Lynn in bed at their home on Dickie’s Lane, Marton, he went downstairs to investigate and found a man in a ski mask in his lounge.

Mr Telford told The Gazette: “I couldn’t see anything, but suddenly this guy jumped out with a sawn-off shotgun. It was unbelievable.

“He told me to step away or he would shoot me if I didn’t back off, but I managed to ram the door shut and shout to my wife.”

In the heat of the moment, Mr Telford says he managed to keep the man locked in the lounge, but the gunman managed to flee because keys had been left in the patio doors.

Armed police rushed to the scene.

A 21-year-old was arrested man on nearby Whitehills Road. He is currently being quizzed by detectives.

Mr Telford added: “When he stuck the shotgun into my face I didn’t know what to think.

“I was thinking about jumping on him but I didn’t know if it was loaded so I thought better of it. It has hit both me and my wife hard. It didn’t seem real.”

The gunman broke into the Telfords home by breaking a conservatory window.

More than £1,000 was taken in cash from Mr Telford’s wallet and his wife’s handbag, but the home’s other belongings were untouched.

None of the cars stored in adjacent garages were damaged.

Mr Telford’s brother-in-law Peter Marshall, 66, who also lives at the house, arrived home at 7am after being notified of the ordeal.

He added: “We have cameras next to where they broke-in but they turned around and switched off.

“I’ve lived in this home all my life and never expected anything else like this to happen.


“I’m just annoyed I wasn’t here because I wanted to confront this guy.

“I had some stuff stolen from my garage a few weeks ago, but this is much more serious especially when you think about a shotgun being involved.

“My sister is very shaken and there was a lot of police here searching the scene for a couple of hours.”

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police confirmed the 21-year-old man was still in custody last night.