Quadruple bypass Phil keeping cool

Phil Cool after his operation at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Phil Cool after his operation at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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A BLACKPOOL comedy favourite is still managing to crack jokes – just days after a quadruple heart bypass.

Phil Cool – aka Phil Martin – the “rubber-faced” impressionist who began his career in the resort, returned home from Blackpool Victoria Hospital yesterday, just in time for his birthday.

And the entertainer, who put off the life-saving surgery to complete the Bath Comedy Festival and finish filming a new TV series, wants to return to his constant national tour in just nine weeks.

He said: “I feel a hundred times better than I did when I woke on Tuesday.

“I have to admit, they literally saw you in half, and I felt like I wanted to die at the early stage.

“But to make myself feel better, I thought I could have come off worse, it could have been Paul Daniels doing the sawing.”

Mr Cool suffered a small heart attack ten years ago, and after a check-up this year, was told more of his arteries had closed up, and he needed the operation to prevent a fatal cardiac arrest or Sudden Death Syndrome.

He added: “I got a Springer Spaniel a few years ago, and I started hill walking.

“But I couldn’t run or keep up with people, so I’m hoping this operation will give me a new lease of life.

“I’m going to introduce more animation into my acts - a couple of weeks of pain is worth it.”

Mr Cool, who lives near Longridge, will return to his tour in Stamford on June 24, and hopes to visit Blackpool in the near future.

Russell Millner, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at Blackpool Victoria, said: “Phil’s was a very big operation, and really he should have had it before, but he wanted to keep some show dates he had committed to.

“Not having the surgery risks Sudden Death and heart attacks. He’s doing very well and he should be fine to do his shows in nine weeks if he builds his fitness up gradually.”