Quackers: Ducking into the past with archive snaps of feathered friends across the Fylde coast

We are getting all bird-brained and in a flap over these archive photographs of Fylde coast birds.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 2:48 pm
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 8:28 am
Official duck feeder Derek Priestley gives the Wrea Green ducks their daily treat, in September 1983. Derek is paid is a nominal sum by the parish council to feed the ducks each day as he passes in his mobile shop.

From the famous and much-loved Wrea Green ducks, to the wide variety of fowl at Stanley Park, The Gazette has captured many of our feathered friends on camera over the years.

Two Chinese ducks presented to Stanley Park by the Fylde Wildfowlers Association, April 1956
Ducklings were wandering about the West View Housing Estate in Fleetwood, in June 1985 and were picked up by the RSPCA. Members of the public had called them concerned after spotting the animals. Fleetwood RSPCA branch secretary Margaret Bysterbosch said: It appears mother and eight or nine ducklings were waddling around the streets. Mother took flight and tried to act as a decoy when the brood was scattered by a dog. We dont know where they came from but they could have been looking for a pond.

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JR the mascot for the ladies' dart team at the Bispham Hotel, Red Bank Road, in 1980. He was owned by Mrs Angela Squire, of Galway Avenue
Ducklings alongside the pond at Villamar, Mr T Bennett's home in Victoria Road, Thornton Cleveleys, June 1953
Chicks at Kelshaw's Farm, Carleton, April 1969
This young collar dove dropped into the lap of a German lady visitor, in a garden in Poulton this week, to catch up on the latest homing news in The Gazette and found that he'd been pipped by Joe Smith's loft - or was the bird just looking for a late holiday? August 1984
PC Stuart Sykes releases a mallard at Stanley Park Lake, in 1967
Newly-born ducklings never fail to fascinate children and these are no exception as they belong to the well-known green duck pond and are seen here hurrying from the pond for food, so willingly given by local children 22.6.67
I must go where the wild goose goes... at least while its got a beakful of my one Cornetto  and it seems that the ducks on Fairhaven Lake have added a new dimension to their diet in this picture, taken in 1981 by Gazette photographer Bill Johnson.
A slithering time was had by all - well, by the ducks and swans at Stanley Park during freezing weather in 1966. But water was on hand, for the boatmen at the park keep a section of the lake free from ice just for the benefit of the birds
Feather-brained wildfowl were driving promenade motorists quackers, in April 1992. Ducks and geese were regularly seen straying from the seafront Fairhaven Lake across the busy promenade in search of food. Worried Fairhaven residents over-looking Grannys Bay contacted Fylde Council and the RSPCA  but because they were wild birds, nothing could be done.
As mating time approaches in the duck world, there's a sad and lonely drake in Knott End. Among all his aquatic and finely-featured friends only he waddles alone, mateless. His owver, bird fancier Peter Atkinson, of Hackensall Road, Knott End, keeps pairs of bantams, pheasants and pin-tail ducks. But Mr Atkinson's Mandarin drake has lived the life of a bachelor since his mate flew from the marital nest some months ago and has not been seen since. February 1982
Cheeky ducks in Blackpool in January 1977