Put off food by mouldy sauce

Stephen Sheridan and Lynne Sheridan with grandson Kieren O'Keeffe turn up their noses at the dodgy pasta sauce.
Stephen Sheridan and Lynne Sheridan with grandson Kieren O'Keeffe turn up their noses at the dodgy pasta sauce.
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A horrified grandmother has sworn off pasta sauce after she found a large blob of mould floating in her Ragu.

Lynne Sheridan was cooking with her nine-year-old grandson, Kieren O’Keeffe, when she made the unwelcome sickening discovery.

After buying a jar of pasta sauce from Iceland, in South Shore, just a week earlier she was shocked to find the unwanted growth – after she had poured it into the pan.

The Warton resident said: “It’s horrible. I just got it out of the pan quickly and put it back in the jar.”

“My grandson was helping me – luckily he didn’t get his hands on it first.”

She said she chose to cook pasta as a treat because she knew her grandson liked it.

Mrs Sheridan said she could not believe a product she bought from the supermarket could have that amount of mould growing in it.

She said: “When I opened the jar, it popped like it should do and the date on it is June 2015.

“To me the mould looks like a toad or a frog without the legs or head.

“It is about one and a half inches thick – it’s as big as the jar lid.”

And although the dodgy purchase will not put her off visiting Iceland again, she is adamant she won’t be trying the pasta sauce again.

Mrs Sheridan said: “I have never tried it before but I won’t be using it again.

“It has put me off that completely.”

She kept the receipt from her purchase and told the store, who gave her a refund for the £1 jar of Ragu Pasta Bakes Creamy Tomato and Herb.

The company has issued an apology for the unpleasant incident and promised to look into how a jar of mouldy sauce ended up on its shelves.

A spokeswoman for Iceland said: “Iceland would like to apologise for the distress and inconvenience this has caused to the customer.

“The customer was refunded the cost of the product from the store, and we will be investigating the issue with the affected product with our supplier.”

We’re sorry – here’s £1 for your troubles

Iceland has apologised for any distress caused by the foul discovery of mould in one of its product – and given the customer £1 for the bother it caused her.

After Lynne Sheridan discovered the large lump of mould in a jar of pasta sauce, bought from its South Shore store, the company was quick to offer her a refund and offer an apology.

Mrs Sheridan confirmed she had been given her money back after she complained about being sold a contaminated jar of Ragu.

The jar had been in her house for just a week, was fully sealed and was almost two years from going out of date.

But when Mrs Sheridan went to use it, she found a blob of mould the size of the jar lid came pouring out into the pan too.

Iceland has promised to investigate the situation with the supplier who provided the affected product, a jar of Ragu Pasta Bakes Creamy Tomato and Herb.

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