Pupils’ posters set to wage war on a dog mess menace

Ansdell Primary School pupils Lauren Burnett, Sienna Mills and Martha Cairns with their posters.
Ansdell Primary School pupils Lauren Burnett, Sienna Mills and Martha Cairns with their posters.
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Children blighted by dogs fouling on pavements they use to get to school have launched a campaign to tackle the mess.

Teachers and pupils from Ansdell Primary School decided to take action after paths and streets around the school became an unwanted obstacle course for those walking or cycling.

In a survey carried out by staff over one day, 20 instances of dog fouling were
found on the streets surrounding the Lansdowne Road school.

This has led to the school setting up its own Pick up
the Poo campaign to raise awareness of the issue and stop dog owners acting irresponsibly.

Sukie Woodhouse, a school governor, is at the forefront of the campaign to clear the pathways and remove the unsightly mess which hundreds of parents and pupils are faced with every day.

She said: “We went out and found two bags were thrown over a hedge next to the school and three bags were near a path to the nursery.

“People just pull up in their car and let their dogs out off the leash without any care.”

The campaign has seen pupils of all ages design posters which will be placed around the school grounds and paths to encourage dog walkers to clean up their dog’s mess.

Mrs Woodhouse is hopeful the children’s hard-hitting messages will have an impact.

She added: “We feel that if the children say this and act upon it, then it will have more impact on the dog owners.”

Sienna Mills, 10, a pupil at Ansdell Primary School,
created her own poster based on a fairy who cleans the streets.

She said: “I’m disgusted when I walk to school and see all the mess on the pavements and fields.

“A lot of the mess is near to the nursery building and that’s not good for those children.

“Even though some of it is in bags, it was dumped on the ground and a toddler could pick it up and it could even affect their eyesight.”

To make a complaint about dog fouling call Fylde Direct on (01253) 658658.

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