Punch-up parents BANNED after violent fight at children’s soft play centre

An archive image of Thingamajigz Children's Fun Centre at Furness Drive, Poulton le Fylde.
An archive image of Thingamajigz Children's Fun Centre at Furness Drive, Poulton le Fylde.
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Brawling parents threw punches and had to be pulled apart after a row turned violent - in a children’s soft play area.

Horrified families could only look on in shock as the two women tried to land blows on each other at Thingamajigz in Poulton.

A witness said the women had gone to deal with a rumpus involving their own children inside the play zone - but it ended up with them scrapping with each other.

Thingamajigz staff, who have been widely praised for how they handled the incident, today said they had logged the incident with police and those involved had now been banned from returning.

One dad, who has asked not to be named, was in Thingamajigz, on Furness Drive, in Poulton, at around 3.30pm on Sunday when the violence erupted.

He said: “It was unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it, and in a child’s play centre too.

“From what we saw, two children were having a bit of a scrap while playing.

“One of the parents went to intervene and it appears the other parent objected to the way she was doing it.

“It led to a full-on brawl between people on two tables.

“There were punches thrown, lots of shoving and shouting, they were launching themselves at each other. It was disgraceful.

“Other parents rushed towards their children to make sure they were not caught up in it. It was bedlam.

“Then I think some of the people involved realised where they were and went from warmaker to peacemaker. The staff split it up and calmed it down and dealt with it extremely well.

“I’m sure they were shocked as the rest of us by the behaviour of these two groups.”

In 2016, police had to be called to Thingamajigz after two women refused to leave after angrily berating staff

A spokesman for Thingamajigz said: “An altercation took place between parents at our centre on Sunday afternoon. As the disagreement between the parents related to their children, we cannot share any information about who was involved or why it occurred.

“We treated a young boy for a bump after falling down the slide around the same time, but we aren’t sure if this is related or not.

“We phoned the police, who created an incident log; however, from a practical perspective and time scale, the matter was handled by our staff.

“The staff’s primary objective was to ensure that contact between the dissenting parties ceased quickly. After this, all those involved were made to leave the building. We feel our staff handled matters admirably, ensuring that all involved went without further occurrence.

“Those involved have been written to and told they are no longer permitted to attend our activity centre. We are sorry that other families had to see these events and have their day out with us spoilt by those involved.”

Thingamajigz is open seven days a week from 9.30am to 6pm.