Protesters gather to raise awareness

Protesters outside Blackpool Zoo.
Protesters outside Blackpool Zoo.
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PROTESTERS set up camp outside Blackpool Zoo to highlight issues surrounding animal cruelty.

Rain may have steadily poured, but the weather didn’t deter activists from The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) and Manchester Animal Action.

Around 10 protesters gathered outside the East Park Drive attraction to raise awareness of animal rights and conservation issues.

Their campaign was part of a national day of action is targeting zoos across the country to encourage visitors to boycott and spend their money elsewhere.

Steve Banks, a member of Manchester Animal Action, told The Gazette: “We strongly believe we have to provide a voice for animals who are being kept prisoner and who can’t speak for themselves.

“Luckily we have a number of activists who are prepared to make a stand and the weather wasn’t going to stop them from making their voices heard.

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“It is frustrating as we can’t stand by the zoo entrance, we have to rely on people stopping their cars to speak to us which a few did.

“We gave out quite a few leaflets and later we went into the town centre and handed out even more leaflets there.

“This works better as it may stop people who are thinking of going to the zoo later in the week and at least we can speak to families there.”

CAPS says the work it carries out uses research and education to bring about change as they are opposed to keeping animals in captivity for entertainment.

Blackpool Zoo declined to comment on the protest.

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