Property in resort is affordable for landlords

Blackpool does not want to attract too many absent landlords
Blackpool does not want to attract too many absent landlords
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A housing chief has warned cheap property could make Blackpool a magnet for absent landlords.

Coun Gillian Campbell, cabinet member for housing on Blackpool Council, says this could lead to more of the type of low grade accommodation the town is trying to eradicate.

Her comments come in the wake of a report by HSBC which shows the resort is becoming increasingly attractive to buy-to-let investors looking for alternatives to the expensive London market.

The research found average gross rental yield on a property in Blackpool was around 7.63 per cent. But Coun Campbell said: “This is not news we welcome.

“These properties can be a magnet for exactly the type of trouble we are working so hard to tackle through proactive housing enforcement, selective licensing and other methods.

“We saw in The Gazette just last week how important it is for landlords to pay very close attention to their properties, carry out proper tenant referencing and keep a very close eye on their properties to prevent them from becoming run down.

“If out-of-town and even overseas landlords are investing then they are unlikely to be here to do that and take personal responsibility.

“We understand it is a free market and there is nothing we can do to prevent people purchasing properties, however, we want to make it very clear that if we are to improve Blackpool’s housing stock, a major priority to prevent transience and the town being a magnet for troubled people, creating more low end rental properties is exactly what we don’t want.”