Project to enhance travel for disabled

Bus campaigner Stephen Brookes
Bus campaigner Stephen Brookes
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A project to enhance travel on public transport for 
disabled people is being successfully spearheaded in Blackpool.

Campaigner Stephen Brookes, who is based in the resort, has led work by the Disability Action Alliance to create a ‘safe journey’ travel support card which disabled people can show drivers if they need help reaching their destination.

Mr Brookes has worked closely with Blackpool Transport to develop the scheme.

Bryan Lindop, Blackpool Transport’s customer services co-ordinator said: “We have within our grasp the potential to enhance people’s outlook and wellbeing by enabling those members of the community who would otherwise be unable to access the things we as individuals take for granted, to lead independent lives.

“It’s a case of looking at what we do every day from a slightly different perspective and working out how to make it better.”

Mr Brookes added: “I hoped we would be listened to, but the reality has been a real mind set change for all of us.

“Disabled people are now aware of the some of the problems faced by drivers and the various issues they face such as wheelchair space”.

Jane Cole, managing director of Blackpool Transport, said: “We are a transport operator that embraces all customers who want to use our services or influence our thinking about the products we provide.”