Probe into estate flooding problem

Flooding at Lark Close in Marton
Flooding at Lark Close in Marton
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An investigation has been launched after yet more flooding at a housing estate in Blackpool.

Residents at Mere Farm, Marton, were forced to abandon their cars and wade in wellies through six inches of water following problems with the drainage system last week.

The Morris Homes development suffered similar flooding in January 2008 – but residents say the problems have still not been resolved.

Paul Currie, of Lark Close, said: “The estate is still nowhere near completion, some nine years after it was started, and five years after the last house was built.

“We still have issues with uncompleted roads, drainage issues, crumbling kerbs and there was supposed to be a nature reserve but it’s still a building compound.

“And to top it off we have been flooded for the second time in three years.

“The water went onto the pavements. It’s too high for cars to pass so we couldn’t access our driveways. We’ve had to park at the top of the hill and use wellies to get around.”

The water began rising on Tuesday and a temporary pump was drafted in to clear the water.

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Mr Currie, 32, who moved to the development more than six years ago, added: “The pumps just can’t cope. I don’t care whose fault it is, I just want it sorted.”

Blackpool Council is investigating the flooding.

Peter Cross, the council’s head of transportation, said: “We are aware of the drainage issues since the Morris Homes development, and the recent flooding of roads.

“A council pumping station at Marton Mere remote from the site is currently undergoing maintenance and there is a temporary pump in place while this work is carried out. We would like to reassure residents we are investigating the cause of the recent flooding and whether it is related to the maintenance work or is related to the original design by Morris Homes.”

The council says the estate drains to a council pumping station remote from the site but the maintenance of the roads and drainage system still rest with the developer.

Two of the three pumps at the council’s Marton Mere pumping station have been sent for repair. The third is still operational but has been temporarily supplemented by a diesel powered pump.

A spokesman for Morris Homes said: “We are assisting the council in its efforts to repair its pumping station in the mere and restore normal water levels.

“The recent flooding has slightly delayed the road surfacing works at Mere Farm. Weather permitting, we expect the final road and footpath surfaces to be complete at the beginning of January.”