Preston fans told to ‘enjoy Crawley’

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RIVAL fans have locked horns in another quacking battle.

Supporters making the long journey back from London on Saturday night were greeted with a banner on the M6 endorsed by Preston North End FC.

Their official mascot, Deepdale Duck, held his “We’re ROFL” (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) sign aloft as the fleet of fans returned to the Fylde coast.

The League One side saw their opportunity to taunt Blackpool on Saturday as they failed to defeat West Ham United at Wembley.

Glenn Bowley, chairman of Blackpool Supporters Association, said: “It concerns me the people involved have nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

“In relation to the sign, I think it’s quite funny, and even though they are Rolling on the Floor Laughing, I can assure them we are doing exactly the same.

“Their crowds are dwindling, they haven’t got a team they enjoy watching, or one they are proud of, and they are in League One.”

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This is not the first time the two teams have poked fun at each other.

Following Preston’s relegation to the third tier of English football at the end of the 2010/11 season, Channel 4’s Countdown, which has a Blackpool supporting producer, mocked the side.

The Conundrum began as PNECRISIS, which the contestants were asked to unscramble to reveal the word PRINCESS.

Channel 4’s stunt in May 2011 aired two days after an aircraft flew over PNE’s Deepdale Stadium with a banner reading: “We are superior love Blackpool FC.”

Mr Bowley added: “While we will be enjoying derbies against Bolton, Blackburn and Burnley, they have got Crawley.

“But that’s football and every dog has its day, as Ian Holloway would say, and you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Daniel Hogg is responsible for beating the drum at Bloomfield Road every matchday and has laughed off PNE’s taunts.

He said: “It just shows the difference in class between the two clubs.

“We can have a laugh about it, but they are very bitter and are heading towards a big derby with Fleetwood.

“It’s the only way they can get at us.

“Everyone who understands football knows the best team lost on Saturday and as long as we can keep the squad together we will be back in the Premier League.”

A PNE spokesman said: “If the light-hearted response by our mascot ruffled any feathers we would like to apologise to our neighbours who had yet another outstanding season in the Championship.”

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