Pregnant woman from Blackpool reportedly killed in Thailand bike crash

Phuket, a paradise island in Thailand, where a pregnant Blackpool woman is reported to have been killed
Phuket, a paradise island in Thailand, where a pregnant Blackpool woman is reported to have been killed
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A pregnant woman from Blackpool has been killed in a road accident in Thailand, police in the country have said.

Sophie Emma Rose, 41, was 'crushed' when the scooter she was a passenger on collided with an 18-wheel lorry at around 12.10pm local time, or 6.10am UK time, today, The Phuket News reported.

The Honda 125i bike's driver, 29-year-old Danny Glass from Margate in Kent, suffered minor injuries and was left in a 'state of shock', it added.

He has since paid tribute to 'the most precious person I had ever connected with'.

Lt Col Sanit Nookong, the investigating police officer, said: "She was riding on a motorbike with her partner when they changed lanes to avoid a vehicle parked and blocking their path in the motorbike lane of the road.

"As they did this, the truck hit them from behind. The woman was then run over by the truck and sustained fatal head injuries."

Lt Col Nookong said the woman was six months pregnant, and said she and the man were 'not married', but he 'was the father of her unborn child'.

The crash happened on a busy dual carriageway, which has three lanes in each direction, in the Thalang district of Phuket, which is Thailand's largest island.

Paramedics were photographed helping the woman as she lay on the ground outside a 7-Eleven store, shortly before a 60kph zone.

Police officers were also pictured moving the couple's white bike to the side of the road.

One witness told The Gazette: "I just saw the end of what happened. A woman had been knocked off by a lorry and her boyfriend was really upset.

"They just took her away. I asked around and they said she was from Blackpool."

It was not clear whether the lorry's driver was arrested.

The Phuket News named him as a 30-year-old local man and said he surrendered to police after initially fleeing the scene.

But The Phuket Gazette, which said the woman died after being taken to Thalang Hospital alongside her partner, who it claimed was 'not injured', said the driver was still being hunted by police.

Last year, the Southeast Asian country's government promised to try and improve safety for visitors following a report by the Bureau of Prevention and Assistance in Tourist Fraud.

It revealed 83 foreign travellers died in Thailand in 2015, a 54 per cent increase from the year before. Another 166 were injured.

Road accidents were blamed for the majority of deaths, with 34 people killed in crashes, while swimming and boating accidents claimed nine lives.

Tourists had a one in 301,204 chance of dying while visiting Thailand, and a one in 735,294 chance of being killed in a road accident, the report added.

During a week-long road safety campaign in Phuket, held last month, four people were killed and 70 injured in 67 accidents.

The same week, police said they had fined more than 5,600 people for not wearing helmets, and 3,075 for driving without a valid licence.

Local governor Norraphat Plodthong blamed those deaths on people 'driving at high speed, driving recklessly and not wearing helmets', and vowed to 'come up with ways to solve this problem, and create a campaign that will make safer in Phuket'.

The Foreign Office has been approached but has yet to comment.