Preesall school still ‘good’, says Ofsted

Saint Aidan's. Picture from Google
Saint Aidan's. Picture from Google
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A Preesall high school has been given the thumbs up by Ofsted.

An inspection carried out at Saint Aidan’s CE High School revealed that education at the school has maintained its ‘good’ quality, according to a report published by Ofsted this month.

Inspector Stephen Ruddy wrote: “(Head teacher Andy Smith) and other leaders have created, and sustained, a positive and caring community. Teachers and other staff say that they are proud to work at the school, and pupils say they are valued and well cared for.

“Pupils’ conduct and attitudes to learning are strengths of the school. Pupils understand how to learn well, and routinely do so. As a result, the progress they make across a broad range of subjects is good.

“Pupils enjoy school and most attend regularly. Pupils’ attendance overall is higher than others nationally. Pupils enjoy positive relationships with one another and staff.

“Pupils’ outcomes are good across a range of subjects including English and mathematics.”

However, boys’ progress was not as good as girls’ in English and some other subjects.

The report also found that safeguarding was ‘fit for purpose’ at the school, and any bullying was dealt with ‘swiftly and effectively’.

It read: “Pupils, parents and carers, and staff agree that pupils’ safety is secure. Staff are routinely updated about safeguarding issues, including from external agencies. For example, recently, this has included training to protect pupils from the risks of extremism.”

Andy Smith, who has been headteacher at Saint Aidan’s for more than six years, said: “Although the Ofsted team were only here for a short time they did a very thorough job and I am really pleased that they have produced a report which is an accurate reflection of what I see in the school each day – students and staff working together to learn and to strengthen our community.”

“The report comes at a good time for the school, which has just celebrated some of the best GCSE results in its history.”

Setting out the next steps for the school, the report said that the progress of boys should continue to improve so that it matches that of girls, that teachers should consistently ensure that disabled pupils make good progress, and that the progress of disadvantaged pupils should also continue to improve.