Preacher hits back at choice to scrap ads for Blackpool visit

Franklin Grahams comments have made him a controversial figure
Franklin Grahams comments have made him a controversial figure
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American preacher Franklin Graham has hit back after bus adverts for his planned Blackpool visit were removed.

Blackpool Transport decided to scrap the adverts for the Festival of Hope last week due to complaints about Mr Graham’s anti-LGBT politics.

Mr Graham, who is the founder of the evangelical Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse, took to social media to issue his response.

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On his Twitter account, which he has recently used to express his support for President Donald Trump and proposals to criminalise abortion, he wrote: “I’m sorry that some see hope as offensive, but I assure you that thousands in Blackpool and across the UK are searching for hope. Sex, drugs, money, even religion isn’t the answer.

“There is One who can give you hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity. His name is Jesus Christ. Will you pray with me for God to work in a mighty way to transform hearts and lives across Blackpool, Lancashire, and North West England?”