Pram girl out of baby probe

Police vans and cars parked at the Boys Brigade on Carr Lane, Kirkham.
Police vans and cars parked at the Boys Brigade on Carr Lane, Kirkham.
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A TEENAGE girl seen pushing an empty pram close to the scene where a baby boy’s body was discovered has been eliminated from police inquiries.

The woman, believed to be in her late teens, was wanted for questioning by detectives, after being spotted on a dirt track off Carr Lane.

Officers now say the woman has been identified and eliminated from the investigation as work to find the infant’s mother continues.


Police handed out leaflets across Kirkham on Saturday and spoke to more than 100 motorists on Carr Lane.

Inquiries were also expected to continue at the weekly Greenhalgh car boot sale on Sunday, but adverse weather meant the event had to be cancelled.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “I can confirm the teenage girl has come forward and has been eliminated.

“Officers handed out leaflets in Kirkham during the weekend outside Morrison’s on Poulton Street and they spoke to motorists outside the Boy’s Brigade on Carr Lane.

“Unfortunately, a scheduled visit to Greenhalgh car boot sale had to be cancelled because of the weather.

“Investigations are continuing and we would urge anybody with information to contact us.”

The case is still very much at the forefront of people’s minds in Kirkham according to local councillor Keith Beckett.

He said: “Local people are very shocked by this find, especially in the part of town where the baby’s body was found.

“It is still very much the topic of conversation and the papers are keeping it firmly in focus.

“I suppose the problem is if the baby has been left here by somebody not from this area, it may prove quite a difficult one to solve.

“We are waiting to hear of any developments”.

Coun Paul Hodgson added: “This tragic case is very much on the minds of Kirkham residents. I’d urge anyone with information to come forward.

“It must be harrowing for the mother whoever she is, she must be found to ensure she is ok and gets the help she needs.”

Police set up the incident room at Blackpool Police Station on Bonny Street after a couple walking their dog found the body of the baby boy in a stream near Carr Lane on Saturday October 1.

More than 40 detectives are now working on the case.

It was revealed last week the baby was a full-term boy who could have lain in the stream for up to a month.

Contact police on 0845 1253545 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.