Pouch to pillow for orphaned wallaby

Senior keeper Adam Kenyon with Tui. Below: Tui in pillowcase pouch.
Senior keeper Adam Kenyon with Tui. Below: Tui in pillowcase pouch.
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This adorable orphaned wallaby may not have his mother to comfort him – but a pillowcase is the next best thing to her pouch.

Tui’s mother died when he was just a few weeks old and since then he has been cared for by mammal specialists at Blackpool Zoo.

Tui in pillowcase pouch.

Tui in pillowcase pouch.

Senior keeper, Adam Kenyon, 29, who has grown close to the 32-week-old, said: “Tui is a real character and he follows me around the Wallaby Walkabout while I get on with my duties, which is really sweet.”

The wallaby goes home with Adam every evening, jumping straight into the suspended pillowcase where he curls up until morning.

Adam added: “We use all the latest techniques when hand-rearing animals.

“Encouraging joeys to sleep in suspended pillowcases gives them the same secure feeling they would get in their mother’s pouch.”

Tui is bottle fed lactose free milk five times a day from 6.30am until 11pm.

Adam added: “We are starting the process of weaning Tui now and he is enjoying nibbling on rolled oats and soaked macropod pellets, which are specifically made for this species.”

The baby marsupial, named after a famous Australian beer, can be found hopping among red-necked wallabies and red and grey kangaroos in the Wallaby Walkabout that opened at Blackpool Zoo in 

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