Popular DJ’s dance music for charity

Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins
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A team of car enthusiasts teamed up with a popular radio DJ to create a dance track to raise money for charity.

Facebook friend group Slamber City, co-run by South Shore technician Mike Hopkins, 24, had no idea that the man whose online videos they commented on was in fact KissFM’s very own DJ Majestic, whose show attracts thousands of listeners each week.

Mike said: “He approached us about two weeks ago after the members of the Facebook group commented on his livestream. I had absolutely no idea who he was at first and I was stunned when I found out that he was on KissFM.

“He got behind the group and thought it was quite funny and we came up with the idea of doing a song.”

The track, called Slamber City Take Over, was written by DJ Majestic and features the voice talents of members of the 50,000-strong group.

Mike, who lives on Winchester Avenue, added: “Majestic even played it on his radio show.”

I know that male suicide in Blackpool is a problem

The track, which is available on iTunes, has been downloaded almonst 1,000 times in two weeks, and has raised more than £700 for the national charities CALM, which aims to bring down the male suicide rate, and Endeavour, which works to support women and children in the North West who have been victims of domestic violence.

Mike said: “I know that male suicide in Blackpool is a massive problem. We have one of the highest male suicide rates in the country and for a small seaside town it’s a worryingly high amount of people. I know people who have killed themselves and I know first-hand these thoughts and feelings of depression. Mental health is a big problem because people suffer in silence.

“I would like to think that this will end some of the silence because music is something that can get a lot of younger people interested in it who might not might not realise that someone is suffering otherwise.”

Slamber City Take Over can be heard online at www.youtube.com/watch?v=uojL6hVUa0o.