Pool star criticised over motorway row

'Ridiculous' driving: Seasiders star Nile Ranger
'Ridiculous' driving: Seasiders star Nile Ranger
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Soccer star Nile Ranger has been criticised for his “ridiculous” driving after a motorist claims he almost crashed into the back of the Blackpool striker as he crawled along the M55.

The witness, who asked not to be named, says the Pool star was driving slowly along the M55 towards Preston in a silver Mercedes car.

He reportedly had the window down and was arguing with a woman in the next lane who was driving an Audi.

And around 100 yards before the slip road for the Broughton roundabout, the motorist alleges Mr Ranger, 23, came to a halt on the motorway, almost sending a car behind careering into the back of him. The driver managed to get the player to pull on to the hard shoulder and police were called.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said officers were called at 8.10pm on Friday night to reports “a vehicle was stopped on the main carriageway of the M55”.

Police said the witness appeared to see a man in the car arguing with a woman.

Two police officers attended and spoke with Mr Ranger. No further action was taken.

But the motorist who says he almost went into the back of Mr Ranger’s car today said he could have caused an accident.

He added: “I was driving from Blackpool to Manchester and just before the Broughton roundabout on the M55 the woman was in lane one and he was in lane two.

“They have stopped dead and I nearly crashed into them. They both had the windows down and they were shouting from one car to another. They set off again and then stopped again and that is when a taxi nearly went into them.

“I was lucky I didn’t crash into them. We didn’t know whether it was a bash for cash scam or they had broken down.It was just ridiculous.

“I rang the police and they were just arguing all the time.

“It must have taken 20 minutes for the police to get there. He could have caused a big crash. I nearly went into the back of him and then the taxi did.”

Blackpool FC did not wish to comment officially on the incident.

But Mr Ranger himself has hit out at coverage of the incident on Twitter.

He said: “Next thing I know I’m gonna spill some milk for my cornflakes. And be in the media for that.”

It is not the first motoring related scrape the star, who has a chequred history with the law, has been involved with. Earlier this year he was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay compensation to the driver of a taxi he broke the window of.