Pool reveal East Stand plans

THE Seasiders have confirmed plans to have a temporary East Stand built and open for the start of the Premier League season.

A deal has been struck which will see work begin on Bloomfield Road's fourth side next week.

The covered structure will provide an additional 5,070 seats and take the capacity to over 16,000.

Chairman Karl Oyston has revealed that although a permanent stand would have been preferable, the timescale made this impossible.

Oyston said: "The key is that the East Stand is ready for the start of the season and we will be doing everything we can to make sure it's ready for action.

"We've looked at every scenario from the option of a more permanent structure to a temporary one.

"The solution we have arrived at gives us the best answer to most of our problems and will allow us to get supporters in the ground for the beginning of the season."

Pool have struck a deal with Redditch-based Slick Seating Ltd, who will be on site from Monday to ensure that the stand is ready in time for the big kick-off on August 14.

Slick Seating sales director Nick Harrison said: "When people see the stand finished it will be hard for them to tell that it's not a permanent structure.

"We specialise in fast-track structure construction and are confident that everything will be ready for the start of the season."

Oyston and club secretary Matt Williams have spent the week in meetings with Premier League officials, who outlined the demands that Pool must fulfil.

And with more than 11,000 season-ticket applications being processed, Pool must have their new stand at least partly open when the campaign begins.

Oyston added: "The Premier League are very strict on things like press facilities and we will now be able to accommodate the press in the centre of the new stand.

"The current East Stand is having all its CCTV, lights and PA system removed this weekend, then the builders will dismantle the current structure next week."

Bloomfield Road will be a busy place over coming weeks, with plans to start work on hotel rooms and a supporters' bar.

The rust that is visible on the West and North stands will be removed and the club also plan to replace faded seats to match the new ones in the Armfield Stand.

"We intend to finish the supporters' bar in the Armfield Stand as soon as possible," Oyston revealed.

"We will also be fitting out the upper three floors of that stand, which will create 60 rooms and another three hospitality areas.

"It really gives supporters a great deal of choice of tiers or hospitality which they can add on to their current season ticket.

"Seats in the West and North will be replaced as they have reacted badly to the weather and were starting to look shabby. Whilst we are in a position to do this, we intend to."