Pool fans accused of post-match violence

Blackpool fans have been accused of trying to storm a popular pub after violence reigned following the club's first away game of the season.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th August 2016, 3:16 pm
Updated Monday, 15th August 2016, 4:19 pm

Police today confirmed two men were detained by officers after reports of ugly scenes at a Lancaster pub following Pool’s 2-1 defeat at Morecambe.

Four other Pool fans were escorted to the city’s railway station following incidents, which included a doorman being assaulted by up to 30 fans, eyewitnesses claimed today.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Following the Morecambe vs Blackpool match we were called to a report of an assault on a member of door staff at The Crafty Scholar on Church Street, Lancaster.

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“A 31-year-old man from Blackpool was arrested and later given a caution for assault.

“A 53-year-old man from St Annes was also given a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly.

“Further issues were reported at The Crafty Scholar which lead to a group of supporters being escorted to the railway station. A temporary dispersal order was also put in place and four men were required to leave the area.”

A group of fans were also ordered to leave the Hurley Flyer outside the Globe Arena after the game.

Today, a mum said her doorman son was charged by Pool fans when they were denied entry to the Crafty Scholar.

The woman said she felt “powerless” as she witnessed her son, who she asked not to be named, being attacked, at around 7pm on Saturday.

The woman, from Lancaster, said: “We had only been in the pub opposite for five minutes when we heard this chanting, when we looked out the window there was a group of men, aged between 30 and 50-years-old, coming from the top of the street and these weren’t kids, they were dads, grandads.

She added: “The whole lot of them charged the Crafty Scholar, throwing fists and punches. They were all chanting about Owen Oyston. Police appeared out of nowhere, pushing them all back down the street, they weren’t giving in though, they were up for a fight.

“I have never seen anything quite as bad as this in all my life.

“I was powerless, my heart was in my mouth, it was quite hard to sit and watch these men charge at my son.

“There was about eight to nine men targeting one doorman. It was quite scary to see, I was quite intimidated and it takes a lot for me to feel like that.

“I can’t work out why adults or anybody would want to behave like that.

“Police were trying to get them to go home, it seemed to disperse after this.”