Pool fan to pay Oystons £20,000 over Facebook comments

Protesting Pool fans
Protesting Pool fans
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Blackpool FC fans have reacted with fresh anger after it emerged a lifelong supporter has had to pay £20,000 in damages to the Oystons for comments he made online.

Frank Knight also issued an unreserved apology over allegations he made on his Facebook page.

He said: “I now regret making these allegations, I fully accept that they are false and I wish to sincerely apologise.”

He is the latest Pool fan to settle before court proceedings with owner Owen Oyston, and chairman son Karl.

But the £20,000 damages pay-out is double any previous punishment meted out to fans.

Supporters, who have widely condemned the decision to take legal action against fans, rallied around Mr Knight tonight.

One, posting as Ragnarok, said: “Yet another real fan forced to pay a ridiculous sum of money under the threat of court action. I despair at this family.”

Posting as tangomonkey, one fan said: “Frank, I’m absolutely disgusted by this.

“I know that you, your wife and your boys all have BFC at heart.

“If you’ve said anything that could be seen as negative it’s only because you are a passionate fan that just wants to enjoy watching your club without all this going on.”

Luke Holden wrote on Facebook: “As someone who knows Frank very well I am absolutely gutted for him.

“All he has done for the club and this is how they treat him.

“They make take your money but they will never take your pride Frank. Keep your head up you have thousands supporting you.”

Another well-wisher wrote: “I know Frank and he is a great, great bloke. This makes me feel sick and totally disgusted.”

The Oystons have persistently refused to comment since warning fans several months ago they would be taking legal action against fans making alleged defamatory comments online.

It comes after a group of Pool fans held a protest outside Karl Oyston’s rural Lancashire home on Sunday.