Poo pariahs in his sights!

Brandon and Casey Evans with PCSO Terry Molloy and PC Gary Cross.
Brandon and Casey Evans with PCSO Terry Molloy and PC Gary Cross.
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Police may launch an undercover operation in Preesall to help snare irresponsible dog owners who fail to clear up after their animals – after a schoolboy’s intervention.

Police told 12-year-old Brandon Evans they were considering using the tactic after inviting him to Preesall Police Station to tell them more about his clean up campaign.

Brandon, from Pilling Lane, has received scores of plaudits after telling The Gazette about his selfless outings to clear up dog mess.

Armed with poop bags, and sometimes joined by sister Casey, eight, and parents Steve and Yong, he has already filled well over 300 bags in just three weeks.

PC Gary Cross and PCSO Terry Molloy were so impressed that they invited the family to pop into the police station to chat about the ‘poo pariahs’.

Brandon, who goes to St Aidan’s CE Technology College, said: “The police said ‘well done’ and said they were thinking of doing plain clothes operations, maybe around the park and the sea wall.

“I think that’s a good idea. People who might normally not clean up their dog’s mess might decide they had better do so if they see officers in uniform. But if they think the officers are ordinary people they might be caught in the act.

“If these people are fined they might not do it again.”

Wyre Borough Council can fine offenders £75 but catching people can be difficult. In 2012/13 it issued just three fines and none have been imposed in 2013/14.

Brandon’s campaign is already bearing fruit. He was given a stash of spare council plastic ‘Yuk’ signs by Knott End Newsagents, warning offenders they could be fined.

Some of the 333 people who have liked his Facebook campaign page have requested signs and he has delivered more than 30.

And Preesall councillor Vivien Taylor has also ordered two bins for the park after being informed by Brandon that the old ones had vanished.

Praise for Brandon on Facebook includes comments such as ‘Brandon for Mayor’.

“People have said what a good thing I am doing and I thought the Mayor comment was quite funny.

“Maybe when I’m older and have more experience I could see myself running for Mayor,” Brandon said. Coun Taylor said: “Brandon is putting irresponsible dog owners to shame. He’s doing a grand job.”

Preesall Neighbourhood Policing team including PC Gary Cross and PCSO Terry Molloy who talked with Brandon were unavailable for comment.

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