You give your no-nonsense views on property investor

Last man standing Andrew Ratajczak was roundly criticised - as his crusade against the council continues to hold up a £50m housing development.

Monday, 28th November 2016, 10:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:23 pm
Andrew Ratajczak has been told by Blackpool Council to leave his property on Tyldesley Road

The 56-year-old cleaning company boss bought a former guesthouse in Tyldesley Road as a long-term investment for £35,000 and raised another £50,000 to refurbish it.

But his lifetime investment is about to be flattened if Blackpool Council can finally complete a compulsory purchase of the property, a major stumbling block lasting up to two years.

Bulldozing the property is the last piece in the jigsaw of a £50m housing development.

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The Foxhall Village scheme, which will absorb Tyldesley Road, will provide 410 new houses and promises to regenerate a run down area of the resort.

He was criticised by Gazette commenters who said he was the type of landlord holding the resort back.

Here’s your views

Just think for a minute the extra costs of this delay, the jobs lost to builders. Also the loss of new quality housing to Blackpool. Just another money grabbing individual taking the system for a ride, that we are all paying into


Nothing wrong with the street? It was way beyond appalling many years ago due to lack of maintenance and repair by its private sector owners so of course eventually the Council has to step in to clear up the mess. This guy is just another Blackpool chancer.

Ian Ward

Good on him, back in 2008 when the super casino fell through, Blackpool Council promised the area would re regenerated and not knocked down

Gareth Hodgkinson

Suspect he is holding out so the Council will pay over the odds to get rid of him

PNE in Lasherland

As I pay council tax and business rates believe this man has wasted money that could have been spent on other things. As a result I feel justified in helping myself to some of his valuables. Wonder if that’s ok?


If the saga that he’s created is making him ill, then he shood accept the council’s payment (for a hovel) and go on holiday


The council should give him the minimum amount that they can get away with in terms of compensation and drag that out for two years too. freddypug1

Take the money. Save the stress.

Elle Gwilt

Always better to be the first to leave and save yourself the hassle. He should be well compensated and have his costs paid.

David Owen

Got to agree that Tyldesley Road badly needed it,it wasn’t too bad in the 80’s but as the years rolled by it got worse and worse. The surrounding areas now look a lot better. Rigby Road,Princess Street and Blundell Road all look miles better.

Carl Orritt

The area is a dump, to be frank. Why would he think leaving the property standing (which appears to be a middle house in a row of terraces) and building a new housing estate around it would be remotely feasible?


Knock it down and all the slums around it, this person is the face of what’s wrong in Blackpool!


I’m usually on the side of anyone combating the council but in this instance I back the council. In fact I would be pleased to drive a bulldozer through the site myself.


Council should use its statutory power to evict at its earliest opportunity and pay minimum amount compo under the Compulsory Purchase Order. The old adage ALWAYS holds true. If it looks too good to be true then quite obviously it is. Why did he think he was getting a large property for peanuts?


It’s people like him that bring the town down in the first place, buy cheap and rent out to undesirables.

Blackpool Resident 2

He’s obviously doing this on purpose after hearing that a couple got a fat payout to move when they were tearing down the high rises in Layton....

Fiona Taylor