'We should encourage honest enterprise' - Readers have their say after Blackpool man has his telephone box business idea shut down on its first day

A man who planned to open a dog accessory business in a Blackpool telephone box has said he is very disappointed after council officials shut the business down on the first day of trading.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 1:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 2:38 pm
Craig Brown at the telephone box in Abingdon Street where he wanted to open a retail business for pet owners

Craig Brown said he had rented the box from Red Kiosk in Brighton, however, council officials said he could not use the red box outside the former post office in Abingdon Street as a shop.

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Blackpool man's telephone box business dream is dogged by red tape

Here are just some of your comments:

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I think it would be brilliant to use the old boxes and Blackpool really needs life brought back into it.

Candice Smith

Should of come to Preston they have telephone boxes with elec to rent to do this...​

Peter Clarke

I'm all for people wanting to work for themselves etc but when you've got the likes of Home bargains, Poundland and Wilko in town all selling pet supplies cheaply I really don't see how it would have worked anyway

Wendy Norman

We should encourage honest enterprise.

Stuart Robertson

I saw the add on the phone box sometime last week and thought that who ever had done it was very enterprising and good luck to them, at least the space would be used.

Plus at least he's not aggressively begging like most of the others around that end of town.

Barry Vernon

Let's stop someone from trying to set up a business! Would they rather he went on the dole?!?!

James Riedel ​

Get a stall in the market

Tom Martin

Makes a change from homeless sleeping in them

Stephen Seddons