The Prime Minister Theresa May just made this promise to Blackpool's MP Gordon Marsden

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden
Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden
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A plea to stop treating pitbulls as collateral damage when tackling dangerous dogs has been made to the Prime Minister.

Pitbull-type dogs are routinely put down, Labour MP Gordon Marsden told the Commons during Prime Minister's Questions.

The Blackpool South MP asked Theresa May to urgently reform the specific breed definition in the Dangerous Dogs Act, which Westminster's environment committee has said is not fit for purpose.

Mr Marsden said: "Hundreds of pitbull-type dogs are confiscated yearly with no impact on dog-bite numbers.

"Will the Prime Minister ask the Environment Secretary to act urgently on the committee's recommendations and not take the approach of the Lords minister, who told them that even a good-tempered dog had to be put down as collateral damage?

"My wonderful bull terrier-type dog was rescued from the streets and to think of her being destroyed because her face did not fit in court is chilling."

Mrs May was sympathetic to Mr Marsden highlighting the issue, which she said she had not been fully aware of, and pledged a review.

She said: "I had not looked at the detail of the report on that particular issue but I can assure him that the Environment Secretary is himself a keen dog owner, as indeed is the Chancellor, and he will be looking at this issue very carefully."