Speedy action on skate park fears

Council workers repairing the skate park at Stanley Park, Blackpool.
Council workers repairing the skate park at Stanley Park, Blackpool.
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Workmen has moved quickly to fix a Blackpool skate park after warnings it could become a no-go zone unless vital repairs were made.

Concerns were raised over the state of the Stanley Park facility where users had highlighter loose panels and screws as a danger.

But after the problems were reported to authorities, emergency repairs were made to keep the ramps in use.

BMX ace Tom Egan highlighted the problems last week and is calling on Blackpool Council to restore the facility to it’s original state.

The 20-year-old engineer, who competes around the UK on his bike, became concerned after damaging his wheel on the park.

He said: “This is my local skate park and as far as I’m concerned it’s just not been looked after.

“It’s been reskinned once but the people who did it didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

“It’s gone downhill fast.

“There’s been wood peeling away and loose screws left where panels have been removed just by ripping them up.

“I burst a tyre on my bike there.

“There are young kids who go on with the scooters and somebody could get hurt.”

Council bosses made clear they had moved quickly to make the park safe.

Coun Graham Cain, Cabinet Secretary for Blackpool Council, said “Following a report received from a member of the public we carried out remedial work with immediate effect to ensure the safety of the site.

“Repairs have been made to one of the ramps but the remainder of the work had to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions affecting electrical equipment.”