Pair will remain independent as Blackpool Tories look ahead to new term

Last week's election count in Blackpool
Last week's election count in Blackpool
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Blackpool's Tories hope to have more say in the running of the town after they inceased the number of seats they hold on the council.

The Conservatives gained three seats following the local elections but despite attracting the most votes overall did not win enough seats to overthrow Labour.

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However they will have more representation on committees.

Conservative group leader Coun Tony Williams said: "Despite not winning enough seats to take control of Blackpool I am delighted at the

gains we have made and thank everyone who voted for our candidates.

"Although Labour maintain control they do so with a smaller majority and with the restructure of some of the committee seats we now have a much better

opportunity of challenging any issues we think would be negative for the town."

He said national issues including Brexit had impacted on the way people voted and added local Tories may not support their candidates in the up and coming European elections.

Coun Williams said: "The fact the Euro elections are still going ahead has annoyed lots of residents, including those in my own group, and it’s a consideration as to whether or not some of us will be supporting any local candidates in an election the majority believe shouldn’t even be happening."

Meanwhile former Conservative councillors Maxine and Peter Callow, who retained their seats in Norbreck after standing independently, have said they will not join forces with any party.

Coun Maxine Callow said: "We were elected for the people of Norbreck and do not intend to sit as councillors under any banner.

"It will just be Peter and I against the world."

She said they had been approached by other elected independents to consider forming a group, but had declined.

Coun Callow added: "We are just there as ourselves helping the people of Norbreck and fighting their corner of the world."

Peter and Maxine, who had represented Norbreck for 16 and 20 years respectively, stood as non-aligned independents after being de-selected by the Conservative party.