New Garstang mayor unveils charity plans

New Garstang mayor Coun Elizabeth Webster (left) with outgoing mayor Coun Leah Hynes
New Garstang mayor Coun Elizabeth Webster (left) with outgoing mayor Coun Leah Hynes
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It may be June but Garstang is already looking forward to Christmas.

New town mayor Coun Elizabeth Webster has revealed plans for fundraising during her year of office includes the town's first Santa dash- and she hopes it will be a family event.

She said: " My vision (is) of a sea of families dressed as Father Christmas, having fun walking or running through the town.”

The town mayor-making ceremony was held at the Wyrebank, Garstang.

Coun. Webster is hoping local residents will support three special charitites she will be fundraising for over the next 12 months.

She said: “It is an absolute honour to be mayor of Garstang and I hope I do Garstang proud. Choosing my charities for my mayoral year has been a very difficult decision as there as so many local worthy causes out there, but I’ve managed to narrow it down.

“The first one is Rosemere Cancer Foundation. They support world-class cancer treatment throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria. They make treatment for cancer patients more comfortable and stress free as possible, funding items that the NHS cannot afford such as cooling caps which avoids patients losing their hair whilst receiving radiotherapy treatment. This charity is very close to my heart and will benefit Preston, Lancaster and Blackpool hospitals.”

She continued: “My second charity is North West Air Ambulance, which is entirely reliant on donations to deliver its lifesaving emergency service. They ensure patients are transferred to the best treatment centre thus improving chances of survival and reducing the risk of long term injury as quickly as possible. None of us know when we might need them.

“Thirdly, this will come as no surprise to many as I have fund raised before for CRY – Cardiac Risk in the Young, The Matthew Hesmondalgh Fund. I couldn’t imagine funding raising for another year without Paula and Barry Hesmondalgh by my side.

“Again this charity is close to my heart as a good friend of mine lost her brother to an undiagnosed cardiac problem in his 20s which could have possibly been avoided if he had received a life saving scan provided for by CRY.

“Money raised for CRY will directly benefit our youngsters aged 14 to 35 by paying for a screening appointments at Garstang Community Academy which will identify any potential problems.”

Coun Webster said her fundraising activities will include Garstang Scarecrow Festival July 5-7. Coun Webster is chairman of the Festival.

Outgoing mayor Coun Leah Hynes presented the Garstang Memory cafe with a cheque for £4717.39 from her fundraising year. Town Coun. Sandra Perkins, founder and chairman of Garstang Memory Café said both herself and those whoe attend the café were "overwhelmed and absolutely delighted with the donation."

Coun Alec Allan became the new deputy mayor.