Labour leader in blast over council policy

Coun Rob Fail is the new leader of Wyre's Labour group
Coun Rob Fail is the new leader of Wyre's Labour group

The new leader of Wyre’s Labour group has accused the council’s Conservative leadership of “eroding democracy”.

Coun Rob Fail, who represents Cleveleys’ Jubilee ward, went on the attack after he took over the role of opposition leader from Coun Lorraine Beavers.

Councillor David Henderson..

Councillor David Henderson..

He said: “There is much to hold Wyre Council’s Conservative leadership to account for, not least the continued attempts to erode democracy at Wyre, and also their inability to actually tackle some of the fundamental issues that exist.

“We need a joined-up approach that strategically deals with the employment, housing and transport issues together.

“Instead, the council runs a high-risk strategy which compounds many of its problems.”

Coun Fail (inset) cited Wyre’s decision to change the planning process to restrict the public’s input at planning meetings to no more than four speakers as a threat to the democracy. He also claimed planning changes now restricted councillors trying to challenge applications and that the council’s scrutiny powers were being undermined by new rules.

He added: “The level of minuting of full council meetings has been reduced.”

But Coun David Henderson, leader of Wyre Council, said: “These claims have been brought up time and time again and each time have been answered in full council and are a matter of record.”

Coun Beavers, who remains a councillor for Fleetwood’s Rossall ward, stepped down as leader to continue her role as North West member of Labour’s National Policy Forum, which helps create the party manifesto.