"It’s got a little bit staid" - Here are your thoughts and ideas on how to improve Cleveleys' high street

Following the closure of Forsyth’s, one of Cleveleys' longest standing businesses, we ventured into the town to find out what retailers and customer think needs to be done to sustain the high street.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 1:45 pm
Cleveleys town centre

You can read more on what retailers and customers on the streets of Cleveleys had to say hereSince publishing the story online readers have also offered their suggestions on how things can be improved in the town.

Here are a selection of your ideas and thoughts on the subject:

"The road needs to be made a walkway open up the pavement to the coffee bars and cafe's. Hold the market on there instead of where it is. Hold Christmas markets etc."

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Annette Dunkerley

"I'm far too young for M and Co and the next store isn't suitable either. Not a great deal there for a 30 something apart from my food shop."

Terry Aoslin

"Small businesses are going under now more so ever for several reasons. Definitely the internet plays apart. But .... what about the year on year national minimum wage and alongside that the pension scheme every employer has to pay into for their employee yet the consumer demands a cheap deal. The profit margins have tipped massively. Unless the government helps small business maybe in the way of tax relief then won’t be long before we lose all our small businesses."

Marea Louise

"Need more up to date fashion shops. It’s got a little bit staid. Most shops are very much the same."

Jean Mackenzie

"Free parking like Poulton, Poulton is always busy!"

Katrina Alba

"Business rates, high rent, lack of council support and investment is the key issues. The town lacks variety of a small town, why, easy because the council make it impossible to run one and make a small living. After owning a business in this town for nearly 20 years it’s sad to see each year that goes by the town drops another step. That boils down to local council and the lack of support for small businesses."

Daniel Thornton

"Make it pedestrian only and free parking, job done."

Alan Johnson

"We do need some more variety. I have a business in Cleveleys and it's a brilliant town - however - 2 weeks ago I needed to buy some jeans and literally couldn't get what I needed in the town :(

David McDonald

On that stretch of the street from the traffic lights to the seafront I counted at least a dozen charity shops the other day, that's what our high streets are turning into. It's about time the council lowered the business rates to encourage business instead of low or no rates from charity shops.

​Paul Heys