Grass providing a haven

Blackpool Council's cutbacks may have enraged residents, angry about overgrown grass verges and unpampered parks.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:52 pm
Grass is not being cut in some areas of Stanley Park

But there’s one group more than happy to see the grass growing.

Areas of Stanley Park are among those no longer seeing the mower.

And according to the Friends of the Park, wildlife is flourishing in untended areas.

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Elaine Smith, MBE, chairman of the Friends of Stanley Park, said: “Stanley Park is among the fortunate ones when it comes to grass cutting and we are and are most appreciative of the fact.

“However the grass is, like the rest of the town, only being cut where essential.

“The rest is just being cut a small distance around the edges but this is causing pleasure for the squirrels and other wildlife in the park.

“Naturalists are coming into the Visitor Centre to tell us how many more different types of wildfowl and insects they can see this year as they walk around.

“The cutting down of some of the diseased trees has also opened up aspects hard to view before.

“The park has buzzed with people during the sunny weather as they have enjoyed one of the best free shows in Blackpool which has been even more enhanced now that the summer bedding has been planted.”

But Mrs Smith made it clear everyone had a responsibilty to keep the park in perfect condition.

She said: “So many sports events are booked for this year which, along with the Sunday Bandstand events which have now begun, will bring in even more people.

“We hope some respect will be shown to our hard-working gardeners and Friends’ group who are left to clear up when everyone leaves.

“Please take your litter home with you if at all possible.”

The Friends of Stanley Park, which last weekend celebrated its 14th birthday, will be celebrating Love Parks Week from July 22 to July 30.

Details of events planned are available now from the park visitors centre.

However, the perfect growing weather is causing problems elsewhere with a build- up of weed in the boating lake proving frustrating for the park team.

A Blackpool Council spokesman said the authority would work with the concession holder to keep the lake as clear as possible and the weed would recede within weeks.

The weed, which is an annual issue, has caused problems on the boating lake with motorboat propellers becoming entangled.

Rowing boats have not been in use on some days.