Eyesore set to be removed from Blackpool town centre ahead of museum opening

The remains of a pedestrian bridge in Blackpool town centre will be removed ahead of the launch of the resort's prestigious new museum, town hall bosses have pledged.

The concrete stump on Bank Hey Street has been branded an eyesore, with calls made for it to be removed.

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Concrete remains of bridge are dubbed 'eyesore' blighting Blackpool town centre

The elevated walkway was demolished three years ago as part of the development of the Sands Hotel, but one of the footings was left behind on the pavement outside TK Maxx.

The remains of the bridge on Bank Hey Street

Coun Gerard Walsh told a meeting of the council's tourism, economy and communities scrutiny he was concerned the structure was "a monstrosity and an eyesore".

He added: "The Showtown Museum and Sands Hotel are going to open there next year. Both main entrances look out on that so we need to work in partnership."

The council’s director of regeneration Alan Cavill said while the council owned the remaining bridge structure, it had multiple accesses.

He said: "We won't allow it to stay there forever, but we need to agree rights of access before it comes down."

Mr Cavill said the work would be completed ahead of the opening of the council's Showtown Museum inside the Sands venue next year.

Mark Crichton Maitland, property manager for the TK Maxx building, is calling for the footing to be removed.

The bridge was demolished by developer Coolsilk as part of its construction of the Sands Hotel.

Marcus Walker, development director at Coolsilk, said the company had "very generously and at significant cost removed the majority of the bridge and more than was required to enable our hotel development to proceed, as a gesture of goodwill to the council. "