Police ranks ‘split’ over ASBO issue

Simon Frodsham in Lytham
Simon Frodsham in Lytham
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RANK and file police officers want a man’s Asbo lifted even though their bosses say the court order is working, it has been claimed.

Solicitor Steven Townley who represents £1m Asbo man Simon Frodsham.

The 41-year-old made yet another appearance before magistrates in Blackpool, where he admitted breaching the terms of the eight –year –old Asbo by walking into his home town of Lytham

He was arrested by police as he sat on the steps of the police station the court was told.

Mr Townley said legal moves were under way to have the Asbo on Frodsham- who is homeless – lifted.

But senior officers from Lancashire Police say they will object as they feel the order has been a success.

It was originally imposed because Frodsham lived rough and would beg for money from local clergy in the town.

But Mr Townley said: “There is a ground swell of feeling the order as it stands is unjust.”

“Magistrates and judges have already made such feelings publicly known.”

“Day in day out I talk to the police officers who have to arrest my client and then process him into the cell and then into court.

“They say it is a waste of police resources.

“Whether their feelings are shared by their senior officers who have never dealt with Mr Frodsham is another matter.”

Frodsham was fined £50 for the breach but did not have to pay the fine because of his time served behind bars awaiting the hearing.

It has been claimed it has cost in excess of £1m to deal with Mr Frodsham since he was first given his Asbo.